Community Kitchen

Our Community kitchen, located in the back room, has been funded by grants from the Chalk Cliff Trust, The Pride Foundation and from repurposed funds from criminal activity from Brighton and Hove Police. With four fridges, two cookers and a double-doored freezer, it provides a great space for kitchen projects.

Our Community Kitchen is a long term development that originally arose from one of the community surveys. We hope it will enable us to provide a number of classes or groups aimed to a wide range of people. These could include cookery classes, food knowledge classes, cooking on a budget, healthy eating and community dining. Our Community Kitchen is a place to get a hot meal, a chat and a chance to make new friends.

The space is also available to rent as a commercial kitchen to businesses or other groups looking to run a class or event or anyone wanting to have a get together. Please get in touch for more details or pricing.