A dedicated team
helping to run our
community centre

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Reyna Kothari

Reyna Kothari lives in the Hollingbury area with her (patient) partner, two beautiful kids, a speed demon of a dog and 2 chickens.She is normally seen working from a table in the centre talking to anyone and everyone and trying to do a million things at once!

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Zelal Akansu

Zelal also lives in Hollingbury with her firecracker of a daughter. She is generally modelling an outfit from our very own charity shop Boatopia whilst trying to help in any which way she can and be a breath of positivity to every person that crosses her path. 

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Lisa Mytton

Lisa has been on the board of Trustees since late 2019. During the day she works at Community Works as an Advice and Support Coordinator. Lisa lives with her husband and two kids in the local area.

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Bryony Tanner

Mairi Mitchell

Mairi joined the team in July 2023 and has long been an enthusiastic user of the centre. She is a teacher and has two children at Carden School. She lives in Hollingbury down the road from the centre.

Gavin Musimbe-Rix

Gavin is our newest trustee starting at the beginning of 2023.  He lives in Brighton with his wife and son and works as a BI Analyst. 

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Sarah Cutler

Sarah has been living in Patcham since 2018 with her family. She has two boys at Patcham High. Sarah joined as a Trustee in May 2022. Her day job is working with charities and funders focused on migration and refugee issues. She also has her own business providing research and evaluation consultancy to the social sector. Sarah loves running, swimming and walking her dog.